Friday, January 11, 2013

Saturday! Six Events In My Boring Life.

1. I turned seventeen seven days ago!
2. I finished my album, Broken Mirror, about a month ago. Now I am working on my next album, Wonderland, as I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I incorporated it into one of my songs, titled the song "Wonderland", and then titled the album that. I'm planning for most of the songs to be cute and happy and unique. That way it will hopefully be deserving of its title, because that's the kind of atmosphere I picture in Wonderland. The reason that my first album is titled Broken Mirror is because a) It was the first song I wrote, b) I thought it was a powerful title, and c) it encompasses the insecurity that lives in between the lines of all of the songs on that album. Most of the songs were sad or contained heavy material. They were all connected to things in my life, except "For Daisy", which I was inspired to write after reading The Great Gatsby. But I did read that book, so it still connects to me in that way. But they all had insecurity hidden in them, sometimes more obvious than others. It includes songs about the boys I was never good enough for, and the one who used me, there is a song about suicide, one about eating disorders, another about my brother who I thought I would never get back, a letter to my possible future daughter telling her not to be anything like myself, and one about God, which I guess doesn't completely fit on the album, as there isn't anything having to do with insecurity in it. Whew, talk about a run on sentence! If I weren't so lazy, I would use semicolons. Well, that's all about that.
3. I have midterms next week D: I am so not ready.
4. The reason that I am so not ready for the midterms is that I missed three days of school this week, the week of prep, because I had the flu. still have it, actually. Apparently there's a flu going around where you have the symptoms for a few days, then you start to feel better for a couple days, then BAM! It comes back worse than before, lasts longer, and apparently killed some people including teenagers. as you can guess, I felt a lot better yesterday. But now, I have the extreme nausea, building fever, headache, and pain everywhere. It sucks. I probably shouldn't be using my computer, because I might give it a virus! Haha! I try... Anyways, so I've had a pretty crappy week. And now I'm going to fail all of my classes. Including art. That does NOT look good on college applications. ESPECIALLY when you want to go into the artistic feild, like myself. I may have to puke my way through exams... and I have emetophobia, the fear of vomiting. I FREAK OUT when I puke. I haven't allowed myself to do that in four years. It takes a lot of willpower and involuntary muscle control. Just kidding. But seriously, I have no idea how I've managed to keep everything down for so long. Well this is getting gross... Next subject.
5. I am sad to inform you that the book has fallen to the wayside for now. I am way too busy to write a book, do schoolwork, keep a steady job, AND write songs (actually, writing good songs only takes about fifteen to twenty five minutes for me.) all of the time. Also, I will most likely change some of the subject matter, including the blurb I posted. It seems extremely unrealistic, now that I am a year older and no longer believe in friendships like the one I created between Alice and Darik. I wanted to create the perfect forever guy friend that I never had, and I got carried away. So, that will change, and I probably won't get back to the book until summer, and then I'll write like crazy.
6. As I mentioned above, I have a job! I make my own money now! My friend makes fun of me because I'm not on a payroll and I don't have to pay income tax yet. I personally like the fact that he's just jealous that I make more money than him per week, he has more hours, even, and I get to keep all of it whereas he owes some to the government. This is why he says I don't have a real job. But we actually have the same political beliefs, and with what the government is doing with our taxes, he agrees with me that we don't owe the government crap! I certainly don't want my money going to the lazy people who won't get off their arses and get a freaking job! I understand that there are people trying, and that there are people who have disabilities. I'll gladly pay for them. But did you know that most people on welfare have no intentions of ever having to work. In the future, If 60% of my hard earned paycheck is going to those lazy people, what's the point of even working? Maybe everyone should go on welfare. Let's see how that friggin' works. ERGGGHHH!! I also don't want to pay for government programs that I don't believe in. I think it might be illegal to put down the president of the US on a public website unless you're paparazzi and that's all you do, but I'll take my chances. Most of the paparazzi are extremely liberal though, so they most likely don't do that. Seriously though, this is not libel. It's just the truth: Obama is doing a really crappy job with our country. We are being dragged through the mud by him. I have no idea how he's brainwashed everyone into thinking that he's the most compassionate president we've ever had, and the most "real". Okay, am I the only one who heard what happened in Libya? And he refused to continue our strong connection with Israel. He makes me sick. Oh, and the "real" part? Apparently he does stuff like play basketball and rap and other stuff, or that's what my friend told me. Our country's economy is in the toilet. He should really be working on pulling us out of the mess we're currently in rather than shooting hoops and dropping beats. Sorry, political rant. I'm a hothead. Anyways, I tutor the kids across the street in English. That's right, no gas money spent on getting to work either! So I guess my friend has a lot of reasons to be jealous. Haha!
                     Savannah out.

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