Monday, January 14, 2013

And I Thought I Was Doing So Well...

Several hours later, I'm still working on the same assignment. I got several long written responses finished though, so I give myself credit for that. I'm going to continue to post until I have to leave and get ready for school. I'm a wreck. I'm about to make coffee or something. I've been guzzling down bottles of fresh, lemony, sugar-free fizzy drink. Ha ha! British for a second. Anyways, it's actually sparkling water, so, yeah. I'm listening to a lot of upbeat, happy music, but I'm slipping slowly slipping into zombie mode. Luckily, when I'm in zombie mode, it's like I'm on autopilot. Hence, I still manage to finish my work, somehow. Actually, I finish it faster usually. Hmm... Maybe I should let myself go... He he. Well my teachers are all crazy. OOH! Update on Wonderland. So far, I have three songs. "Wonderland", "Love Like That", and "Fools". My favorite is "Fools" because it's about me again. That sounds weird.. But the other two aren't exactly autobiographical. It's about the cute, distracting guy in my art class that I mentioned earlier. I'm glad I can be so bold on the internet at 4:30 AM, because he will never ever read my blog. If I was in my "right" mind, I would stress about the fact that my friends who know about my blog could tell him and direct him this way. But Hakuna Matata. No worries for the rest of my days. The dark hours have a way of placating my mind. Feast your eyes now, though, because this post will most likely be edited, along with the other one that mentioned him, tomorrow at some point. Oh, another thing. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. My back is soooo screwed up. So wish me luck. I'll be back sometime in the next our. I'm out.

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