Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday! Six More Events in My Boring Life

1. I FINALLY reviewed a book on Youtube!! Fallen by Lauren Kate!! I'll post the video in another post.

2. If I can get 50 comments on any of my posts or videos, I will start giving things away. These could include books and other paraphernalia related to books. If you like free things, start commenting!

3. Summer cannot come soon enough for me. I am so depressed! There is way too much snow!!!!! White and wet everywhere! This is NOT okay! I wish I lived in Florida. Or at least Ireland so I could be preoccupied with everyone's amazing accent.

4. I had to clean my room so that I could empty my desk and move it out of my room. This was to make room for........ TWO NEW BOOKSHELVES THAT I HAVE YET TO BUY!!!!!! :D The one bookshelf that I currently have is about to explode. I haven't a millimeter of room left on that poor soul. The paycheck after the one I get this week will pay for them! :)

5.  I made up a joke! What did Margaret get for her 75th surprise birthday? A heart attack! :D

6. Are you as excited as I am for the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie?? Oh my gosh! I loooove Jamie as Jace. I expected someone younger and smaller to play Clary. I hope Lily Collins does a good job. That is all for now. Clearly my life IS really boring at the moment.
                           Happy Reading!

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