Monday, March 25, 2013

I Started This On Sunday, But Now It's Monday: Six Events In My Boring Life That I'm Posting Late

1. My Youtube channel is coming along nicely. I have several new videos up about books (yay!), and I'm coming up with other things to do that are somewhat more fun than regular vlogging.

2. I terminated a poisonous friendship. That was a really big relief! (Turns out that it's not quite over in her mind though... Urrrgh!)

3. I hung out with my best friend Katherine this weekend! This should've been first, it was the highlight of the week.

4. Katherine and I saw Jack the Giant Slayer! It was really, really, really goooooood!!!!!! NICHOLAS HOULT!!!!!

5.Spring break is almost here! Woohoo! Hopefully, I'm going to Six Flags with Katherine!

6. Not long until I'm a senior! Yeah, sorry... The events definitely hold up to their namesake- boring.

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