Monday, March 18, 2013

What's Wrong With Me??

     Why can't I ever buckle down and do my homework? It's not always homework, it's chores, too. I always have something better to do. Like right now, I should really be working on the homework that my teachers gave me to catch up on, but no, I'm sitting here writing about what I should be doing. I'm so lame. The main reason that I don't want to do my homework right now is that I want to read. Why aren't I reading, you might ask? My mom took away my books... I hate it when she does that. I know exactly where they are. I just can't get them because she is RIGHT there, and even if I could get them, I have nowhere to hide them when she comes in my room. Really sucks for me that I cleaned my room. On a normal day, I could just toss it on the floor, and it would go unnoticed. My mom could just walk in and be totally oblivious to it, because there's a plethora of other things already on the floor. You wouldn't even know that there was a floor. So much stuff... Now if she came in and I tried hiding my book by throwing it on the floor, I might as well just stick it in a display case with flashing arrows pointing to it, and a sign on top that says: "Look, Mom! I sneaked into your room and stole my books back!" Maybe there would even be a built in speaker. That's how clean my room is. The only plausible place to hide my books is on my bookshelf. I wouldn't have enough time to save my spot, close the book, run across my room, stick the book in the correct location on my bookshelf in alphabetical  order by author's last name, run back to my bed, get my heart rate down, and look like I was doing my homework all along before my mom got to my room. Maybe I could hide the book in my pillows... For now, I think I'd better just get to work.
                                                              Happy Reading!

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