Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Main Source of Punishment is Getting My Books Taken Away

     So, my parents both know about my extreme nerdiness. When most kids do bad things, they get their phone or iPod taken away. Sometimes they lose their laptop, or their TV privileges, or they aren't allowed to hang out with friends. What's my punishment? No reading! My parents have to come up with unique punishment to get me to stop doing bad things, because I don't care that much if they take away my phone or iPod, and I especially don't care if they take away my TV privileges. But take away my books, and I get PISSED! I am a serious book addict, and withdrawal could end in death. I don't think they realize this, but I will give you an example of just how addicted I am.
     So, a few months ago, around Christmas time, I was super hooked on the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I bought the first one in paperback along with another book that I started reading beforehand. That night, my mom took the other book away so I wouldn't be tempted to stay up all night reading it, but she mistakenly left the other book in my bedroom. When I was sure she was asleep, I picked up the book, turned on my flashlight, and stayed up all night finishing that book. When it was clear to my parents the next morning that I had stayed up all night, the book was found and taken away, which was pointless, because I had already finished it. Anyway, the next day, my brother came over, and I still had to buy gifts for everyone, but my mom always takes me shopping, so I can never get a gift for her when I go shopping for everyone else. So I made up the excuse that I needed to buy her a gift, and I got my brother to drive me to Meijer. I did get her a gift as well, but I also bought the next two books in the series. They were still in hardcover, which I complained about because hardcover = more expensive, but I'm really glad I bought them, otherwise the next events would never have happened. So my mom eventually found out that I had started reading the second book, and she asked me to bring it to her not long after. I anticipated this of course, so after I made sure she had seen the cover of the second book, I swapped the covers of the second and third books. Ha! Take that mom! Anyways, I had to do my reading in secret, and stayed up most of the night reading the second book. The next day, I was nonchalantly walking through my parents' bedroom, and I saw the third book sitting out on their dresser. I was like, Oh! How convenient! I'll just hurry up and finish the second book, and then switch the covers back! To my dismay, I didn't have much time to sneak away and read, so by the time I finally finished the second book, the third book was no longer waiting in plain sight on my parents' dresser. I went to bed very discouraged that night. The next day, though, I had color guard practice until nine PM.  By some series of fortunate events, (well, fortunate for me, but not so much for my dad) my dad got stuck at work super late, and my mom had to leave for work as soon as she dropped me off at home (she works nights). My dad would be gone for another hour, which left me approximately 3600 seconds to scour the house and find my book. Once I was 100% positive that my mom was on her way to work and not coming back, I crawled to my parents' bedroom (I had just had foot surgery and didn't want to bother with crutches). I carefully opened each and every drawer that I knew of and searched it thoroughly until I finally found it. I switched the covers, put the second book in the drawer, and frantically crawled back to my room, book in hand. I HAD OUTSMARTED MY PARENTS!!!!! I felt so clever. Infact, I would describe my level of cleverness as break-out-of-prison clever. I was on top of the world! I will be reviewing the Hunger Games series some time in the near future, but for now, this is the story of my serious addiction.

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