Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever by James Patterson

     Okay, so this book ranked slightly lower on my scale than the first book, but only slightly. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I wish I'd reviewed this book right after I finished it, but time was of the essence, so bear with me. I'd also like to point out that I will be reviewing the entire series, so don't read all of the reviews before reading the series, unless you like spoilers. I won't give spoilers about the book itself, but just like the blurb on the back of a book, I may give away some important stuff from the previous book. I'm going to start reviewing books on Youtube as well, but those WILL contain spoilers, because it is more of a book discussion. Probably should've put all this in a separate post, but whatever.

Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, Angel, and Maximum Ride: six incredible kids with the ability to fly, free as birds... until Max and her gang are discovered by an FBI agent and forced to face their worst nightmare. You guessed it- school. That is, the abominable where they learn everything except how to survive as winged fugitives relentlessly hunted by killers...
Computer Skills: A. Can hack into any computer at lightning speed- bonus in a quest to locate missing parents.
Scientific Research: B-. Score points for discovering source of a diabolical plot, but often fail to identify clones and imposters.
Extreme Sports: A+. Earn extra credit by trading Dumpster diving for supersonic travel, aerial ballet, and flying with dogs.
Dating: C. Relationships with non-winged peers improve. Need work on picking suitable mates.
Discipline: D. Setting off explosives, stealing hidden documents, and harassing faculty are no-nos- even if the headmaster is evil.
Saving the World: This is a pass/fail course...
THE JURY IS STILL OUT ON THE FINAL GRADE." (book description from back of book)

     So, the flock just got back from saving Angel from the School. Then what happens? They are forced to take Fang to the hospital, and then the police step in and send them to school. Oh the irony. The action never stops. This can get really annoying if you, every once in a while, want peace of mind. Just putting it out there. Anyways, a few things happen at school that piss me off. Max and Fang aren't exactly Mang in this book. You'll see what I mean. This book did keep me turning the pages and, like the first book, I finished it in one sitting. So if you like very fast-paced, action-packed books, definitely continue the series. If you read the book, I will have a video posted in a few days discussing the book start to finish, so check out my Youtube channel, slamiller14 if you want to see it. I will start reviewing books really soon. Again, really belongs in a separate post, but, oh well. I highly recommend this book and series to anyone at all like me.
     Happy Reading!

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