Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Addictions

     It has taken me some time, but I have finally admitted something to myself. I am an addict. Over the years, my addiction has become more and more obvious. It started with hiding from friends and family, then I became indebted to my parents, and now my grades are slipping and I can ignore it no longer.
     As unhealthy as my addiction is, I cannot bring myself to change my ways. I have become attached to this dark side of myself, and I fear I will never get better. I thought maybe admitting this on the internet would motivate me to get clean, but typing this out now, I know that I may never change. But I realized that it is my duty to help keep others from wandering down this dark and dangerous path that is my addiction. So here are the signs that you are turning into an addict. Well, a book addict.

      1. You ignore your friends' invites to hang out so that you can either stay home or hide out somewhere to read.You may even make up an excuse to escape their attentions.

     2. Any time you go to a store, you search the aisles for a book section, even in Home Depot, where you know not a single book resides.

     3. When you go to a store that does sell books, you immediately seek the shelves, even when you have absolutely no money and you already know every book the shelves contain.

     4. You borrow money from your parents to fund your reading expenditures.

     5. You buy books from series that don't currently occupy your shelves, even though you own a plethora of books that you haven't even read yet, and if anything, you should be buying the books that complete the series currently on your shelves.

     6. You stay up until ungodly hours of the morning to finish a book.

     7. Last but not least, you shirk your duties to read, such as schoolwork or "real world" work. (This is usually the final stage of the addiction. It can't get much worse than this.)

     I hope I could be of service to the rest of my readers out there. I merely wish to prevent you from falling down the slippery slope of reading induced self-destruction.

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