Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday: Six Events In My Suddenly Eventful Life

1. I am writing a book. A different book than the stupid one I started, like, a year ago. This one is actually kind of interesting. I really hope there isn't already a book sort of like it. It isn't realistic fiction or fantasy, where you can have some of the same plot lines as other books, because they are generic. I am attempting to write an original dystopian novel. I swear they have every possible alternate society out there, so it was kind of hard to create my own. Like I said, I really hope no one else thought of this, because it's pretty cool. Anyway, I will have more info to share when I get further along. For now, know that it is dystopian, and it isn't based off of the Hunger Games. If there are any similarities to anything I've read, Matched is probably the closest thing, and even that is a long shot.

2. I wrote two more songs. One is called "Goodbye," and one is called "Delusional." I now have five songs for Wonderland: "Wonderland" (duh), "Fools", "Anything", "Goodbye", and "Delusional".

3. I am currently being home schooled through the WAY program. That's fun.

4. I HAVE A PET FISH!!!!!!!!! His name is Jelly and he is a black molly and Katherine gave him to me! I have to get an aquarium vacuum and more filter cartridges or something tomorrow, and I am also adding a new fish to the tank :) A female silver lyre tail molly. I will name her Sileny, because that is a cool name and also the name of my book's main character.

5. I haven't been reading much lately :( I have friends all of a sudden and they want to hang out with me! It doesn't really leave much time for books :( Is my addiction broken??? Probably not. Once fall hits and everyone else is back in school, I know that I will be reading at least a book a day.

6. My sleep schedule is totally whacked out crazy! I told my dad I would mow the lawn in the morning as soon as I woke up. I mowed the lawn at 4:00 PM. It's probably unhealthy. I'm so glad I'm not in real school.

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