Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Saturday Seven

1. Okay, so I am going off of Sarah Dessen's blog idea "The Friday Five". I take no credit for this whatsoever, I simply think it is a good idea and a catchy name for a blog post. Also, there are seven days in a week, so I was thinking, seven events per week. So the first event is that I'm starting this new blog post thing. I am an avid reader of Sarah Dessen's blog, and also her books. She is one of my favorite authors, so I am copying her blog idea because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I forgot who that quote is by... Anyways, you should really check out her books and her website if you haven't already. Here is the link to her website: She has a new book coming out next year, but it isn't my place to tell you about it, so if you want more info, she revealed the title and release date on her blog. So head on over there and read more about it.

2. My book is coming along a lot faster than I was expecting it to. I am now on page fourteen, but I only started yesterday, so that is saying quite a bit. I could never in a bajillion years write that many pages of an essay that fast. I am writing it differently than I imagine other authors write. To be honest, they could all write this way and I would have no idea. I'm not writing in order at all. I'm writing little excerpts as ideas come to me. Yesterday I wrote the first idea I had on a napkin, because I was in the parking lot of Home Depot and I had no paper. I've tried writing in order before, but I've always given up after the first two pages, so I decided to give this idea a go. I may post an excerpt here at some point, but that depends on how confident I am with the piece. I am afraid of criticism, and I feel naked putting my own work out there for people to see.

3. Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album! I own all of her songs except her newest one, and I can't wait until October 22nd, when her new album Red will be available on iTunes! You can learn more about it and watch a video chat where she answers lots of questions here:

4. There is a small chance that I will be moving to California sometime soon. Very very small. My dad was offered a job in San Diego, where my brother lives, and we might go. If we leave, I will miss my friends dearly.

5. I have had my permit for a while now, but driving has become a lot easier recently. I'm driving everywhere! It's crazy exciting. I will most likely get my license in January, my birthday month, so that would be exciting. And if we have another winter like we did last year, then driving will be a breeze. We had the least amount of snow last year that we've had in years. Maybe ever! I don't know, I wasn't here that long.

6. If I get more views here and on YouTube, I will be doing some giveaways! That will most likely not be for a while though. Also, I should probably get a job so I can earn enough money to buy cool stuff for giveaways. Once I get my license, I will get a job. Once I get a job, I will get money. Once I get money, I will get stuff to give away.

7. I will be doing more book reviews very soon. I am currently reading Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel, and speaking of Cassandra Clare, I will review the entire Mortal Instruments series very soon. I cannot wait for the release of the final book, City of Heavenly Fire! What will happen to Jace and Clary? Where do Magnus and Alec stand? Anyways, that's all I have to say, so... until next Saturday (or whenever I post next if before then), Happy Reading! :)

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