Friday, August 24, 2012


     Okay, so I'm going to try and write more blog posts now that school's about to start and I'm back on my feet. Summer has been crazy. Anyways, I've been a vegetarian for a while, and I decided that I wanted to take it one step further for health reasons. So I am now a Vegan. That isn't really what this post is about, I just thought I'd use it as a title since there are a lot of things I am putting in this post. I think I am going to try to put a post up every Saturday, and just let you know about my eventful life every week. Hehe... I am trying to write a book. Okay, that probably sounds kinda dumb, because I'm only sixteen and stuff... But I really want to get a kickstart on a career. I need money and many people have been amazed by my writing, so why not give it a go? That wasn't meant to be boastful, I'm just giving a reason for doing what I am going to do. That was redundant. Anyways, here is the blurb that I would put on the back of the book if it got published.

Nowhere But Here
     “Let’s promise to never leave each other, ever. Even when we grow up.” Darik said. He had his dad’s Swiss army knife, and he opened it up and sliced a long gash in his right palm.
     “As your best friend, I hereby swear to never leave you, Darik Solomon Sader. Never ever forever.” I took his knife and cut an identical gash in my own right palm. A long red line of blood appeared, and I watched it form a puddle in the lines on my hand.
     “As your best friend, I hereby swear to never leave you, Alice Katherine Markowitz. Never ever forever.” We shook hands, our blood mixing and dripping into the grass below us.
     Alice and Darik have been best friends since she was six and he was seven. Nothing has ever gotten in the way of their friendship, not even the grade difference, which kept them apart during school transitions. But it's not middle school anymore, and their relationship has crossed the "just friends" line. Now, the school year is starting again, and Alice is a junior, which means Darik is a senior. Time is passing too quickly, and Darik will have to leave for college next year, leaving Alice behind to fend for herself after years of protection from Darik. They promised they would never leave each other, but will they be able to keep the promise with Darik so far away?
     Instead of staying to find out, they run away together, in a desperate attempt to be together for as long as possible before Darik leaves. They travel the country, on a mission to find themselves and where they belong. They find what they set out to look for, and it's not what either of them expected.

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